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Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research was started by Modern Education Society in 1991. The institute is affiliated to the University of Pune and recognized by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and Government of Maharashtra.

The M.E. Society initially focused on the traditional degree programs like B.A. and B.Sc. But within the decade from the establishment of the M.E. Society, a Diploma course in Electrical Technology was launched under the banner of Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology.

The Next round of professional courses was launched in 1990’s when the Post Graduate Degree programs under the banner of Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research were introduced. This was followed by the full time Degree Engineering college.

Wadia College Institutions today touch several disciplines of higher education such as Law, Engineering, Management, Science, Humanities, Languages, Commerce, Computer Science etc. All institutions of M.E. Society provide Degree, Post Graduate instruction, coupled with excellent research facilities leading to M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees.

Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Pune encourages and helps its students to imbibe in themselves this element of ‘genius’, by providing them best of facilities and management education. NWIMSR has always endeavored to mould its students into effective leaders who blend business practice into theory, ones who advance the evolution of strategies ideal for promoting a vibrant and throbbing business environment.

About Sir Neville Wadia

Sir Neville Wadia (22 August 1911 – 31 July 1996) was an Indian businessman, philanthropist and a member of the Wadia family, an old Parsi family which, by the 1840s, was one of the leading forces in the Indian shipbuilding industry, having built over a hundred warships for the British and having established trading networks around the world. In addition to his succehghhssful business career, one of the Parsi community's most prominent and influential businessmen.

Learning Environment of the College

Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research is committed to creating an ideal environment and an enabling ecosystem for its students. The focus is on continually improving ourselves in order to help develop our students. Valuable inputs are taken periodically from prominent members of external and internal spheres , and the same are implemented in order to stay ahead of the curve. The hard and the soft aspects are reviewed, upgraded and acquired. Whilst, this approach has helped us to create the right ambience within our physical infrastructure, it has also pushed us to adopting the best pedagogical methods.

The value creation and the evaluation processes are done scientifically and creatively with a view to facilitate students to unleash their true potential. We believe that the success of our illustrious alumni is a testimony to, and a reward of,our efforts.



  1. Accredited by National Assessments and Accreditation Council[NAAC], Bangalore
  2. Permanently affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University
  3. Recognized by UGC, 2F/12B
  4. Renowned PGRC Research Center for Ph.D
  5. Excellent track record of Placements
  6. Strong Alumni Network
  7. Majority of the faculty holding doctorate with experience of more than 10 years

Institute Organogram

Neville Wadia Institute of Mangement Studies and Research - Organisation Chart

Our Vision

“Institution commits service to society through developing virtuous leaders by providing executive management education in a global setting.”

Our Mission

“Institution is convinced that success is measurable in the calibre of our graduates, we continuously seek to improve them and ourselves in an ecosystem that nourishes our spirit and intellect.”

    Strategic and Perspective PlanFile

    Our Symbol

    The symbol of the college is a graphic depiction of the dedication of our institution to the enhancement of human progress.

    The ship and the hammer also signify the bond of the Modern Education Society with its benefactors, the Wadians who belong to a family of shipbuilders and whose family crest displays the clasped hammer as one of its prominent features.

    1. A ship on voyage through the deep seas symbolizes commerce and communication
    2. An open book revealing its treasure of learning to its reader symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.
    3. A sun rising on the horizon symbolizes enlightenment and hope.
    4. A hammer clasped firmly in a clenched fist symbolizes dignity of labour and practical skills.

    Modern Education Society

    The Modern Education Society, Pune was established on 15th February, 1932, to meet the demand for education by the residents of the eastern part of the city of Poona. The efforts of its founder, Prin. V. K. Joag, and of the Wadia brothers, Sir Cusrow Wadia and Sir Ness Wadia.

    The Modern Education Society came into being as a regular registered Educational Society formally at a meeting of its founder members at the Cowasjee Dinshaw Library Hall.

    True to Its credo 'For the Spread of Light', the Society pioneered efforts to open the portals of higher education to the residents of eastern parts of Pune and pursued them tirelessly through the last eighty resplendent years. The Society today has seven institutions in the bustling cities of Pune and Mumbai. Over the years, they have become the first choice to acquire an all-round quality education for many promising young men and women all over the country and abroad.

    It was at this meeting that the First Senate of the Modern Education Society was formed and the Senate decided on the recommendations of it’s Finance Council and Academic Council to establish from June 1932, a college affiliated to a University in the Poona Suburban Area. Thus, came into being, the ‘Nowrosjee Wadia College’ named after the Late Mr. Nowrosjee Wadia, father of Sir Cusrow Wadia and Sir Ness Wadia. Today the seven Institutions of the Modern Education Society in Pune and Mumbai are well known all over India and abroad as institutions of excellence in education, sports and in extra-curricular activities and are most sought after as educational Institutions of excellence by students from all over India and several countries abroad.

    It is a unique education society since the Board of Life members, the supreme decision making body of the Society and its Institutions, is made up entirely of teachers of these institutions, the management is intensely aware of the strengths, weaknesses and requirements of the Institution. As a result, the policies of the management are made keeping in mind the interest of the teachers, the non-teaching staff and the students.

    President's Desk

    Sir Nusli Wadia

    Sir Nusli Wadia, the President of Modern Education Society, is a leading Industrialist and Philanthropist. He is the Chairman of listed companies like Bombay Dyeing, Bombay Burmah, Britannia Industries besides being a Director of reputed companies like Tata Steel, Tata Motors and Tata Chemicals. He is also the Chairman of Board of Governors of VJTI, Mumbai the Chairman of the Wadia Hospital for Children and Women. He has also been a member of the Prime Minister’s Council for Trade and Industry from 1989-2003.

    It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you the young, fresh minds, who are preparing to embark on a career in the world of commerce and Industry, having completed your education at Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Pune.

    I hope that during your time at the Institute you have not only had the opportunity to imbibe and be equipped to face the world with confidence in the discipline that you choose but that the Institute has provided you with the value system with which you will conduct yourselves wherever opportunity takes you.

    I am sure that over the years ahead you will make this Institute proud of your accomplishments and achievements. The institute would greatly appreciate that you not only continue your connections with it but when you progress in life you bring back to Institute your learning’s, in order to share them with the students and faculty of the time.

    I am sure that you will make the contribution which all citizens need to, in whatever their field to, the society and the nation of which this Institute can be justly proud of.

    With all good wishes for a long, happy and successful life!

    Sir Nusli Wadia

    Secretary's Desk

    Mr. Ness Wadia

    Ness Nusli Wadia is an Indian businessman. Mr. Ness Wadia is the managing director of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, a company which has holdings in most of the Wadia Group subsidiaries, including an indirect majority stake in Britannia Industries.

    Since its inception in 1991, M. E. Society's Neville Wadia Institute of Management  Studies & Research , Pune has risen to new heights and turned into a well known and renowned B-School in Pune and in India With more than 1000 students on its roll, many of them from abroad, Neville Wadia Institute of Management  Studies & Research , Pune true to its motto 'For the Spread of Light', is known for imparting its unique blend of value added education, combining sound basic knowledge together with its enviable culture of modernism, cosmopolitanism and secularism.

    Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies & Research tradition always ensures that our students assimilate the best of knowledge from the formal system of education. The Institute, equally known for its achievements in Placement, Leadership skill and Extra-curricular activities, strives to instill in students, the true Wadian spirit embodied in the phrase ' Excellence’ on and off the field'. Neville Wadia Institute of Management  Studies & Research caters to the holistic development of students, who, after a thorough training in theory, practice, life skills, personality development and attitudinal grooming, are sent out not only as promising brand ambassadors but also as confident leaders in the making.

    The spirit of "Earning Supremacy" through deserving means ,  percolates down to  each and every student member.

    I wish the Institution, my Alma-mater, immense success in all its endeavors.


    Dr. Anand Dadas

    The Indian corporate world is witnessing a total metamorphosis. Fundamentals are strong, corporate environment is buoyant and performance is bullish. New challenges are being consistently encountered, new equations are emerging and new solutions are being evolved in the dynamic social scenario. The industrial environment is liberal and deregulated. It is turning into a more flexible, transparent and vibrant entity.

    India is already in the process of becoming a part of the global village. Several phases of this transition have already passed. The corporate world is keen to welcome new generation business executives who show a high degree of professional excellence, commitment and devotion to their mission. The human resources are gaining significance to prove their worth in the contemporary environment.

    We, at Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies & Research, always strive to enhance the quality of the students and enable them to face the ground realities of the business world.

    Our Students have the mental strength, agility and alertness to face challenges and enhance the quality of the environment that they become a part of. It gives me great pleasure to state that our endeavor over the years have paid,duely endorsed by our alumni who are prominent names in the world of business. We are an institute on the fast track.

    MES's Governing Body

    Board Person Name
    Mr. Nusli n Wadia

    Hon'ble President

    Board Person Name
    Mr.Ness N Wadia

    Hon'able Secretary

    Board Person Name
    Mr. Jehangir N Wadia

    Trustee, MES

    Board Person Name
    Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala

    Trustee, MES

    Board Person Name
    Mrs. Chandra Iyengar

    Trustee, MES

    Board Person Name
    Dr. Ashok Chandak

    Trustee, MES

    Board Person Name
    Prof. Sachin Sanap

    Trustee, MES

    Board Person Name
    Prof. Anita Hamand

    Trustee, MES

    Dedication to Excellent Academics

    The following points adhere to Dedication to Excellent Academics

    1. Academic Calendar is displayed on the website
    2. Regular messages regarding lectures are posted on official groups
    3. Regular feedback is taken from students pertaining to lectures, activities, events.
    4. Assignments, Podcasts, Group activities, case study, role plays are a part of the teaching pedagogy
    5. Concurrent evaluation is taken for performance of the students
    6. Online lectures are recorded and posted in Google classroom for further reference
    7. Continuous mentoring of students given by experienced teachers
    8. Weak students are helped by extra classes
    9. Notices regarding exams are displayed periodically
    10. Students are encouraged to write research papers, articles.

    Collaborative learning

    The following points adhere to Collaborative learning

    1. Groups of two or more learners work together to solve problems, complete tasks, or learn new concepts.
    2. Promotion of student-faculty interaction, by writing research papers, articles in UGC journals
    3. Students are encouraged to take up Swayam courses for their specialization
    4. Students are made to collaborate in pairs, teams for projects, assignment.
    5. Discussions, debates for life skills, soft skills, communication sessions
    6. Collaborative learning by teaching (CLBT), students may have difficulties with self-discipline, which can be overcome by teamwork skills

    Credibility & Honesty

    The following points adhere to Credibility & Honesty

    1. Honesty and credibility is a trait of Neville Wadia, the Director clearly sends communications to the staff regarding all directives.
    2. All rules and regulations are strictly followed as per the management directives.
    3. Rules regarding code of conduct for students is available on the website
    4. The Director takes the creditability pertaining to the welfare of the staff.

    Social Responsibility & Ethics

    The following points adhere to Social Responsibility & Ethics

    1. E-waste drive
    2. Tree plantation
    3. Blood Donation Camps


    Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies & Research is a management institute of Co-education, which one is registered under society act by Govt of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University. The institute has a Governing Body which is approved by the authority appointed by Govt. of Maharashtra. It runs as per rules and regulations made by the Govt from time to time. For further information please contact the Information Officers

    Sr. No.NameDesigantionContacts & Email-id
    1Dr. A. B. DadasDirector (Appellate Authority)+91-20-26169949 / drdadas.10@gmail.com
    2Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Arun DandnaikCoordinator (Information officer)+91-20-26163275 / anu_wadia@yahoo.co.in
    3Mr. Mahesh NigadeAccountant (Asst. Information officer)+91-20-26163275 / mnigade999@gmail.com

    NWIMSR Faculty

    “The Mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”

    Every faculty acts as an entrepreneur in itself for academic and for non-academic activities. Faculty recruitment is such that, ultimately the team of faculty members at NWIMSR holds a rich experience in Indian and International educational and industry system, and is dedicated to high quality academic training and teaching.

    View Latest Faculty Profile

      Core Faculty

      Faculty NameDesignationQualificationBrief Profile
      Dr. Anand B. DadasDirectorM.P.M., M.Phil., D.L.L. & L.W., Ph.D.
      Dr Anuradha D.Associate ProfessorB.Sc., M.C.M., Ph.D.
      Dr. Karuna Ravindra JadhavAssociate ProfessorB. E. Computer Science, M.B.A. (HRM + Marketing)
      Dr. Vikas Suresh DoleAssociate ProfessorB.Sc., M.B.A. (Marketing & HR), Ph.D.
      Dr. Radha Jerry LouisAssociate ProfessorB. Com, M.COM, M.B.A.(Marketing), Ph.D.
      Dr. Abhay S. KinikarAssistant ProfessorM.Sc, M.B.A. (Comp. + Finance), Ph.D., LLB
      Prof. Vinod Kishan LalbegAssistant ProfessorB.Sc., H.D.S.E., M.C.M., SET (Management)
      Prof. Jamshed N. DarashaAssistant ProfessorB. Com, M.B.A. (Marketing)
      Prof. Rajani M. DeokateAssistant ProfessorB.E. (Computers), MBA(Computers)
      Prof. Omprakash ShivpujeAssistant ProfessorB.E.(Ind. Elect), MBA(Operations)
      Prof. Vaijanath C DigeAssistant ProfessorB.E (Mech) MBA (Fin)
      Prof. Nirali LalwaniAssistant ProfessorM.Com CA
      Prof. Sutanu ChakrabortyAssistant ProfessorB.Tech CSE
      Prof. Sadhna KumariAssistant ProfessorMBA (HR)
      Prof. Dagma DavidAssistant ProfessorM.Com
      Prof. Vincent M. KedariTPOB.H.M.C.T., MBA (HR)

      Visiting Faculty

      Well prepared with experience and knowledge, the NWIMSR visiting faculty goes ahead of the syllabus and teaches the students life management. They form the pillars of NWIMSR with their power to support students to discover their concealed skills and sharpen them to become efficient leader in management arena. The visiting faculty comprises of thoughtful mixture of highly experienced and qualified professionals from miscellaneous domains, who render value-based training through a methodical approach.

      Faculty NameQualificationFaculty NameQualification
      Mr. Prashant AlekarM.E. A.D.B.MMr. P. R. TrivediM.E.
      Dr. L.K. SinghM.Com., Ph.D.Ms. Vinita KulkarniA.D.C.A Certified Psychometric Testing Professional
      Mr. A. KhanM.A., (Economics)Dr. P ChowdharyLLB, LLM, M.Phil. (Com), SET & NET (Law), Ph.D.
      Dr. UpadhyayPh.D.Ms. Yamini MathurM.Com. (Communication Skills)

      List of Important Committees 2023-24

      Sr. No.NameIn-Charge
      1IQACDr. Anuradha Dandnaik
      2Examination CommitteeProf. Jamshed Darasha
      3Placement CommitteeMr. Vincent Kedari
      4Library CommitteeMrs. Archana More
      5Student Support CommitteeDr. Karuna Jadhav
      6SC/ST CommitteeProf. Dagma David
      7Alumni CommitteeDr. Radha Louis
      8Anti-Ragging CommitteeProf. Jamshed Darasha
      9Womens' Welfare CommitteeDr. Karuna Jadhav
      10IT CommitteeProf. Vinod Lalbeg
      11Academic CommitteeProf. Vinod Lalbeg
      12Competitive Exam GuidanceDr. Karuna Jadhav
      13Admission CommitteeDr. Vikas Dole
      14Purchase CommitteeProf. Vinod Lalbeg
      15Academic Audit CommitteeDr. Vikas Dole
      16Research CommitteeDr. Vikas Dole
      17Journal CommitteeProf. Rajani Deokate
      18MDP & Consultancy CommitteeProf. Jamshed Darasha
      19IPR CommitteeDr. Anuradha Dandnaik
      20Gymkhana, Sports & Cultural CommitteeProf. Omprakash Shivpuje
      21Grants & Projects CommitteeDr. Anuradha Dandnaik
      22House Keeping CommitteeProf. Omprakash Shivpuje
      23CSR CommitteeProf. Rajani Deokate
      24Entreprenuership Development/ Start-up/Innovation Cell CommitteeProf. Omprakash Shivpuje
      25MOU CommitteeDr. Radha Louis
      26Equal Opportunity CenterDr. Karuna Jadhav
      27NSSDr. Vikas Dole
      28Discipline CommitteeDr. Abhay Kinikar
      29EthicsDr. Vikas Dole
      30Student CouncilDr. Radha Louis
      31Staff Welfare CommitteeDr. Anuradha Dandnaik / Dr. Vikas Dole
      32Social Media CommitteeDr. Vikas Dole
      33Co curricular activitiesProf. Vaijanath Dige