About the CHRONICLE of Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research

At NWIMSR, we believe that all are actions should be purpose driven, and our purpose is enshrined in our Vision and Mission. The Chronicle of NWLMSR is the outcome of one such action/initiative. We recognize the fact that while there is a plethora of ideals, the opportunities to showcase and exhibit them are limited."

It is through the Chronicle of Neville Wadia, that we build that credible platform where research scholars can get a window and contribute to the body of knowledge in varies areas of Management, Governance and Society. Our experience has been our greatest inspiration, as the quality of research studies has always exceeded expectations. The Chronicle of Neville Wadia can thereby provide actionable insights to leaders, decision makers, moves and shakes across businesses, professions and across other walks of like with the prime objective of creating a better society and a more resilient nation."

Editorial Desk

Dr. Anand B Dadas

Editorial Desk

Neville Wadia College Library has a rich and balanced collection to fulfil institute goal that is to impart Commerce and Business Education to the young generation of India. Our goal throughout has been to strive for excellence and each day we take a step forward in time and near our goal. Library has continue its thrust for library automation by automating its technical process such as barcode, spine Labels, book cards. Library has obtained SOUL 2.0 LIBRARY SOFTWARE Developed by UGC INFLIBNET CENTRE, Ahmadabad.

List of Reviewer Board Members (AY: 2021-22 and 2022-23)

Sr. No.Member Name
1Dr. Nitin Raghunath Zaware
2Dr. Sonali Jadhav
3Dr. Anita Nitin Khatke
4Dr. Milind Arun Peshave
5Dr. Priyanka Ashok Singh
6Dr. Jitendra Hude
7Dr. Bipin Rambhaji Bankar
8Dr. Devidas Bhalchandra Bharati
9Dr. Manisha Ramdas Khaladkar
10Dr Ashutosh Misal
11Dr. Vinod Narayan Sayankar
12Dr. Ingle Arun Murlidhar
13Dr. Ashutosh Bhagwat Gadekar
14Dr. Bagul Dhananjay Bhaskarrao
15Dr. Satish Shrawanrao Ubale
16Dr. Suvarna Rahul Shinde
17Dr. Rasika Pandurang Patil
18Dr. Amit Arun Medhekar
19Dr. Reshma Ramnath Kabugade
20Dr. Atul Rakesh Kumar
21Dr. Bharati Ranjit Kumar
22Dr. Meeta Mansaram Meshram
23Dr. Sachin Chandrakant Vyavhare
24Dr. Anjum Usama Sayyed
25Dr. Umesh Kolimath
26Dr. Rajashrie Brijesh Pillai
27Dr. Hemraj Narhar Patil
28Dr. Gauri Shah
29Dr. Honey Vikalp Tyagi
30Dr. Rina Dongre
31Dr. Arun Manohar Sherkar
32Dr. Ramchandra Pawar
Academic YearChronicle Issue
2022-2023Under construction
2012-2013Under construction



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  2. Office.: (020)-26163275, 26160788
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