Student Associations

Ness Wadia College Student Associations


Prof. Priyadarshini M. Hapse

The College has produced a number of alumni who are working as professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe. This lecture series is a platform for alumni to come forward and speak to current students about their experiences as students of Ness Wadia College and how it has helped them in their personal and professional journeys.


Coordinator:Dr. Mariam Noronha

The Arts Association of the College was revived in the academic year 2016-17. The objective of having an Arts Association in a Commerce College is to organize various activities that will help our students to become sensitized towards art as a form of expression. We work with the premise that business is an art which demands creativity in problem solving, product design and development, team building and conflict resolution. As part of its activities the Arts Association conducts lecture series, workshops, poster making and visits to art galleries and studios.


Coordinator:Dr. Girija Shankar & Dr. M.R. Agale

As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the college, Department of Business Economics and Department of Banking and Finance initiated the revival of Banking and Economics Students Association (BESt). At BESt we encourage the potential of our volunteer student members in expressing their opinions about relevant issues and fundamental concepts in the subjects of Economics, Banking and Finance. The purpose of the Association is building character, developing analytical and critical thinking, promoting writing skills of the students. Activities conducted under the BESt are: -

Bi-Annual Newsletter

“ECOBANK” is the bi-annual newsletter of BESt association consisting Articles, News paper Article Reviews, Book Reviews, Cartoon-giri, Out of the Box, Puzzles, Match the following and Achievers list. Contributors to the newsletter are Faculty members, Fellow Student volunteer members of the association and other Students of Ness Wadia College of commerce who wish to contribute.

Other Activities conducted under BESt:

Debate Talk for the 21st Century. Book Review. Career Guidance for students.


Coordinator:Mr. Manojkumar S. Thakur

This is a unique activity undertaken by our college library since 1973 in which thought provoking books were reviewed and discussed. It is a platform to review and discuss different books by different authors in three different languages i.e. Marathi, Hindi, English. While selecting the books for discussion we ensure that reading of these books will assist our student in improving and developing their personality. The main objectives of the activity are to introduce students to some latest books in three different languages. To inculcate reading habits among students as well as to prepare them for group discussion are other important objectives of this activity. Briefly the discussion of a book is conducted in the following manner. Reading of notes by students. Opinion on the book by a professor of the college. The chairperson’s discussion and talks. Generally the book lover’s group discussion begins with issuing of books (on which discussion will be held) to the students. Students read these books and write their opinion in the form of notes. These notes are presented by the students in a discussion. Some of our faculty member is also participate in discussion. In order to preside over the discussion we generally insist on calling the authors of the books or the concerned person on whom the book is written , if due to some inevitable circumstances the author of the book is unable to come , then an expert on the subject concerned is invited as the chief guest to chair the programme. Among the participant students of each discussion two or three students were selected on the basis of their performance by the chair person. These students were felicitated in the Annual Prize Distribution programme of the college with certificate and books. The library has been engaged in these activities since the year 1974 and has successfully completed 40 years in the enrichment of literature. So far library has organized 106 discussions on different books. Over the 43 years span many renowned and reputed personalities had been invited to chair the discussion. A few honorable and famous personality were Dr. Anand Yadav, Mr. Sharadchandra Chirmule, Mr.D.M. Mirasdar, His highness Appasaheb Pant, Mr. Venkyatesh Madgulkar, Mr. Shankar Patil, Marathi film actor Mr. Chittaranjan Kolhatkar, Mr. suryakant Mandhare, Mr. sharad Talwalkar, etc. Dr. Sharadchandra Gokhale, wellknown scientist Dr. Jayant Naralikar, Dr. Nagnath Kotapalle, Mr. H.M. Marathe, Dr. Aruna Dhere , Dr. Sharankumar Limbale, Mr. Niranjan Ghate , Mr. L. M. Kadu , Dr. Pratima Pardeshi etc. Few of the Books on which discussions were arrange are in Marathi Gotavala, Sare Pravasi Ghadiche, Ghosti Gharakadil, Tuka Aakasha yevadha, Dhakati Paati,Shamchi Aai, Ek Manus Ek Divas , Lajja, Visamruti Chitre, Akkar Mashi, Shivaji Kon Hota, Three Cups of Tea, In English Old Man and The Sea, Razor`s Edge, Lord of the Flies, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Lust for Life, Crime and Punishment, Small is Beautiful, Small is possible, Brave New World, In the Wonder Level of Indian Management,The God of Small Things, The Alchemist, It Happened in India, The Kite Runner, and in Hindhi are Tyag Patra, Apane Apane Ajnabi, Nish Nimantran, Ashad Ka Ek Din, Chitralekha, Andha Yug, Shrikant.


Coordinator:Prof. Jasmin K. Shikalgar

The Drama and Film Association has been instituted with the objective of providing students with a platform to display their talent in music, acting and performing arts. Workshops in photography, film making and acting and competitions are regularly organized by the association. Encouraged and supported by this endeavour, our students have participated and brought laurels to the college in many competitions in the performing arts.


Coordinator:Ms. Abha Gatne

The EVS and Heritage Club promote love for Nature and concern for the environment while nurturing love and respect for our heritage. Lectures and workshops provide students with exposure to recycling, reuse, agricultural and allied activities, promote concern for the environment, wildlife and heritage. Every year a Film Festival is organized and students get the opportunity to watch documentaries and films on environmental issues. The Association also runs United Nations Short term certificate program ( Rio Program )for students. By encouraging Green Practices on campus the association works towards sustainable development & environment protection.


Coordinator: Dr. Vrishali Randhir

ENWA organizes meetings and socio-cultural events for our alumni. It facilitates networking among alumni and renews and reinforces the bond shared by the college with its alumni.


Coordinator:Prof. Priyadarshini M. Hapse

The Foreign Students Association of the college has been instituted to organize and conduct activities to increase involvement of foreign students in the college. It is a forum for foreign students to come together, discuss, deliberate and benefit from lectures and workshops organized to cater to their needs.


Coordinator:Dr. Dipak Wayal

The International Business Association (IBA) of the college functions as a gateway to international opportunities for professional and personal development of students. Fueled by its mission to promote an International business agenda at NWCC, engaging the college community in global business trends, creating interest in potential career alternatives around the globe, the IBA regularly conducts guest lectures and seminars.


The College has 5 language associations which seek to enhance communication skills of the students by conducting various range of activities like discussions, debates and elocution. Various competitions in poetry recitation, essay writing, short story writing, etc provide students with the opportunity to learn and put their best foot forward. The common thread underlying each of these activities is to foster love for language and literature. All these associations provide a platform for students to exhibit their flare for writing and speaking and in the process master the language. Names of associations and teachers in-charge are as follows:

Dr. Ravindra Mhasade : English Association-Staff-in-Charge

The English Association is the most vibrant association in the college. The prime objective of the Association is to hone communicative competence of the students and foster knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the English language and its literature. It is a body of around 50 students who are selected through a formal interview. The Association organises an orientation program for its members. The Association conducts a wide range of events like Group Discussion Competition, Elocution Competition, Wadian Katta and Golden Jubilee Trophy Debate Competition and workshops. Wadian Katta is an innovative forum for expressing views and ideas on current issues and topics. It grooms the overall personality of the students and makes them competent individuals.

Dr. Shikha Tripathi : Hindi Association-Staff-in-Charge

हिंदी एसोसिएशन द्वारा आयोजित हिंदी दिवस' दिनांक १४ सितम्बर २०१८ को हिंदी एसोसिएशन द्वारा हिंदी दिवस का आयोजन किया गया । श्रीमती अपर्णा कडसकर जी की अध्यक्षता में यह आयोजन संपन्न हआ । इस अवसर पर वाद विवाद निबंध लेखन और काव्य पाठ प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया।

Dr. Latika Jadhav : Marathi Vangmay Mandal-Staff-in-Charge: Dr. Latika Jadhav

We focus on developing spoken skills of students. Activities conducted by Marathi Wangmay Mandal (Marathi Literary Association) wallpaper Prerna and shabdotsav - A programme showcasing poetic talent of students’ recitation, elocution and debate. Students also participate in state & national level competition organized by various colleges and institutions. Marathi Literary Association taken various Activities Elocution, Poetry Reading, Story Writing, Singing, Group Discussion etc.

Mrs Smita S. Kunde :French association-Staff-in-Charge

Knowing the importance of the French language in current era of globalization, the Ness Wadia College of Commerce has created a French association. The French association aims to equip the students with French language skills. The study not only introduces but also facilitates an experience of different aspects of life, culture in France. The association organizes various activities for the students during the year. The activities are such as singing competition, chart making, quiz and documentaries show etc. to make learning an overall and complete experience.

Ms. Shruti Karambelkar : German Association-Staff-in-Charge

In today’s era of globalization, multilingualism has become very important. Learning a foreign language is a value addition, as it provides a competitive edge in career choices. German language has completed a journey of a century to become the most-preferred foreign language in Pune because of the rich history and the infinite opportunities it provides. Knowing the importance of learning German, “The German Language Association” of Ness Wadia College of Commerce aims to cultivate and encourage German language learning, develop an intercultural communication and motivate the student by organizing various curricular and co-curricular activities to learn german language.


Coordinator:Dr. Manohar K. Sanap

The Mountaineering Club was established in the College in 1973 to encourage enthusiastic students to visit some of the remote and hilly locations in Maharashtra and the Country to experience the natural beauty of the countryside. It provides a platform to adventure lovers and carve them into new generations of mountaineers. It also gives an insight into adventure sports like trekking and mountaineering. It offers an opportunity of self-discovery by challenging physical and mental strength and serves as a platform for cultural exchange. The club also aims at spreading awareness about the history, conservation and restoration of nature and heritage and thus contributes towards environmental protection. The club has been organising various treks to Harishchandra Fort, Sinhagad Fort, Torana Fort, Lohgad Fort, Shivneri Fort, Purandar Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Lingana Fort, Dukes Nose, Rajgad Fort and Balekilla Fort.


Coordinator:Ms. Seema V. Purandare

The Ness Wadia IT Association was conceived with the objective of providing our students with ideas and insights in to the latest developments in information technology. Through the conduct of lectures and workshops students are given the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry experts.


Coordinator:Prof. Jayshree Venkatesh

Ness Wadia Investors Association(NWIA) is an association of young undergraduate students who share common interest and passion in investing in the stock market. NWIA strives to educate undergraduate students of the college on the financial markets providing investing experience helping students develop future in Share Market. It provides education in finance and spreads awareness about the Share Market. The mission of the Investors Association is to improve members understanding of investment management; to help members develop practical investment skills and test them in the markets; and to create superior access to career opportunities in investment industry.


Coordinator:Dr. Deepa K. Dani

The Quiz Club works to promote quizzing as an activity for students to develop and excel at. It is a platform managed by the students, for the students, facilitated by a teacher. Quizzes on Business, General Knowledge, Heritage, Cyber Security and the like are conducted regularly. The Club has organized intra-collegiate and inter-collegiate quizzes at times in association with prominent organisations INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and events like Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Quiz.


Coordinator:Dr. Laxamn Baisane

The Samata Mandal is a platform to promote social equality and highlight social and cultural issues through lectures, debates and discussions. Invited talks and competitions are organized on birth and death anniversaries of luminaries and stalwarts across the spectrum. This platform works to enlighten and sensitize our students about socio-cultural issues.

Objectives :-

To inculcate values of Unity, Equality, Fraternity, Social justice, Secularism and Humanity and other principles and values enshrined in the Constitution of India amongst the students, through various activities. To create confidence amongst the students’ coming from lower strata of the society and sensitize them on various social issues. To enhance students linguistic skills, soft skills and make them capable of facing the challenges of the contemporary world.


Coordinator:Ms. Jasmin K. Shikalgar

The Yoga and Meditation Club is an initiative that enables students and faculty to indulge in stress busting activities. Workshops and talks are regularly conducted to encourage mindfulness through these practices. Each year, the International Yoga Day celebrations are conducted with enthusiasm on 21st June.