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Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Application

Introduction :

In the era of globalization, Statistics and Information Technology (I.T.) play an important role in many fields. Statistics generates the data base using statistical methods and information technology facilitate smooth functioning of administration or business processes. Papers in mathematics, statistics and computer applications taught at B.Com, M.Com., BBA, BBA(IB), BBA(CA), B, Voc. come under the purview of this department. These courses include applications to the field of Commerce & Management

Sr.NoNameDesignation Area of Interest
1 Dr. Ramdas B. Sonawane Head of Department & Asso. Prof. Applied Mathematics
2 Mr. Vithal B. Shinde Assistant Professor Mathematics
2 Ms. Seema V. Purandare Assistant Professor Operating systems,Programming Languages
3 Ms. Ashiwini Waghmare Assistant Professor Web Technologies Programming Languages
4 Ms. Rupali Deshmukh Assistant Professor Algebra,Number Theory
5 Ms. Himani Narang Assistant Professor Mathematics