Department of Cost & Work Accounting

The Department of Cost and Works Accounting is engaged in teaching costing techniques and methods of cost reduction at under graduate and post graduate levels. Theory and practice are blended to teach students about the application costing in the contemporary business scenario. Sucess in business depends on effective cost control and cost reduction which can be achieved through the application of costing techniques like marginal costing, standard costing and Budgetary control. These techniques and methods are a core part of the subject Cost & Works Accounting and are included in the syllabi for reputed professional courses like C.A., I.C.W.A., and C.S. and management courses such as M.B.A., M.P.M., D.B.M., M.M.S.Industries that will sustain and succeed will be those which can cut costs and exercise strict cost control.

  • The Department undertakes the following activities :
Work Shops:Organizing workshops wherein students can undertake manufacture of simple products which will prove to be a good exercise in the study of various cost elements involved.
Industrial Visits:Arranging for visits to manufacturing concerns for students to get a birds eye view of activities involved in the manufacturing process and the importance of Cost Accounting systems at such units.
Seminars & Guest Lectures:Organizing seminars and Guest Lectures by inviting knowledgeable and eminent personalities to share their expert knowledge and experiences with students.
Group Discussions:Encouraging students to come forward and participate in group discussions on recent developments, various articles appearing in various journals and magazines, etc.
Quiz competitions, presentations:Organizing Quiz Competitions, inviting Presentations from students to involve them in many recent development in the field.
Career Guidance:Timely information to be provided to students regarding various opportunities in the field as well as various courses that can be pursued for higher studies in the field.
Visits to Cost Accountants Offices:Arranging visits to practicing Cost Accountants who would be able to give the students up-to-date, precise and practical information about the work with documents and cases related to the field.

Department members:

Sr.NoNameDesignationArea of Interest
1Dr. Pradnya B. VhankateAssistant ProfessorAccounts, Costing, Auditing, Finance, Taxation, Management.
2Dr. Bharat V. RathodAssistant ProfessorAccountancy, Cost & Works Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Taxation, Business Practices, Finance
3Dr. Rjesh D. RautAssistant ProfessorAccounts, Costing, Auditing, Finance, Taxation, Management.
4Ms. Rubiyeh NajafiAssistant ProfessorAccountancy, Cost and Works Accounting, Business Practices , Banking and Finance