Department of Business Administration

Introduction :

Business Administration is an important optional subject at both under and post graduate levels in Commerce Faculty. It is a crucial subject for students who wish to opt for MBA, post graduate courses in Mass communication, and for students who plan to go abroad or wish to pursue M.Phil. and Ph.D.later. The syllabi of different subject and papers under the department make a valuable addition to traditional commerce studies which revolve around trade and exchange. The syllabi explores the depths of modern manufacturing business, different operational areas and managerial decision making.

At the under-graduate level, the department covers the following subjects and papers:

  • Office Management-F.Y. B.Com. (Optional)
  • Business Management-S.Y. B.Com. (Compulsory)
  • Business Administration(Paper I)- S.Y. B.Com (Optional)
  • Business Administration (Paper II&III)- T.Y. B.Com (optional)

Apart from the working of an office and general management theory, four papers of Business Administration expose students to functional areas of specialization in management viz. financial management, production/operations management, human resource management and marketing management. Paper I deals with the relationship between a business and its environment. Theoretical study of these 4 papers is combined with practicals that must be carried out by each student. The department has the largest share of subjects taught at post graduate level. It covers the following subjects and papers:

  • Strategic Management- M.Com., Part I (Compulsory)
  • Business Finance- M.Com. Part II (Compulsory)

Students who choose Business Administration at M.Com, have to give eight papers of the subject i.e. four in M.Com. Part I & four in M.Com. Part II. These papers deal with Financial Management, Production/Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and recent trends in business administration. In addition to these students have to choose a research topic and complete project work in M.Com. Part II. The syllabi of all these papers have been recently revised, so as to include the latest topics and developments.

Events Organised by the Department:

  1. One day workshop on Stratagic Management
  2. Certificate course in Business Administration(Golden Jubliee Activity)
  3. Soft skills Development Programme(Golden Jubliee Activity)

Department members:

Sr.NoNameDesignationArea of Interest
1Dr. Vrishali RandhirAssociate Professor, Head, Department of Business Administration, Research Guide-Business Practices.Entrepreneurship, Micro Finance, Social Work
2Mr. S. M. TribhuvanAssociate ProfessorEntrepreneurship, Social Work
3Dr. P. B. VhankateAsisstant ProfessorHRM, Advertising
4Dr. Rajesh D. RautAssistant ProfessorAccounting, Taxation, Finance, Costing
5Ms.Eesha BabrahAssistant ProfessorBanking & Finance, Business Management, Business Communication, E-Commerce and Financial Accounting
6Mrs. Vijalaxmi Mahesh PujariAssistant ProfessorBusiness Administration,Accountancy,Banking and Finance
7Ms. Nisha GangolaAssistant ProfessorBusiness Management, Business Administration,Bussiness Communication
8Dr. Mankurani GoelAssistant ProfessorCost Accounting,Marketing,Busniess Communication,Bussiness Management
9Ms. Priya NairAssistant ProfessorArea of interest: BusinessEthics, PersonalityDevelopment, MarketingManagement, HRM andBusiness Practices.
10Assistant ProfessorBusiness Management, Business Administration,Bussiness Communication
11Assistant ProfessorBusiness Management, Business Administration,Bussiness Communication
12Assistant ProfessorBusiness Management, Business Administration,Bussiness Communication