Department of Accountancy

Introduction :

Law and human life are instrinsically linked. There is no aspect of human existence that is untouched by law. The knowledge of laws governing business and their application to overcome challenges encountered is a must for every entrepreneur and business professional. As economic, social and political changes occur laws and policies are changing to adapt life and business accordingly. The Department of Business Laws is engaged in imparting education of law and taxation at the under graduate and post graduate levels outlined below:

Accounting is an exciting and challenging field that continues to be transformed by current events, globalization, and information technology. Such forces are changing the nature of accounting work and adding to the already large number of job opportunities. Ongoing changes to the regulatory environment, including tax laws, have created wide-ranging opportunities for Commerce Graduates in a variety of locations across the world.

The Department of Accountancy creates a stimulating environment for the academic growth of its students and provides them with a thorough understanding of a range of subjects such as Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Advanced Accounting at Under-Graduate Level and Management Accounting, Financial Analysis & Control, Advanced Accounting, Income Tax, Specialised Areas in Accounting, Business Tax Assessment & Planning, Advanced Auditing, Specialised Auditing, Recent Advances in Accounting, Taxation & Auditing and Project Work at Post-Graduate Level in the faculty of commerce. We also provide in depth knowledge for research work undertaken in the varied branches of accounting at the Doctoral Degree at our Research Centre. The Faculty Members of the Department are known for their expertise in the above mentioned areas. Interwoven into teaching practices is the goal of fostering in students a sense of responsibility towards society, in particular those sections of the population that are underprivileged. In line with this emphasis, the classroom space is democratic and one in which differences in opinions are respected. Most importantly, teachers remain available to students at all times. Upon graduation, many students find placements with renowned business organisations such as WIPRO, ICICI Prudential, Deloitte, Axis Bank, Infosys, Cilicant, Amazon, Deloitte Development LLC, Cap Gemini, Cognizant, Syntel, WNS, The Violet, ADP, Metro Services, and Northern Trust.


  1. o train and equip students with basic tools of economic analysis, making them aware of present national and global economic conditions.
  2. The course taught by the department forms the base for application in commerce and management studies.
  3. Spreading knowledge on a professional level.
  4. Creating worthy professional and entrepreneurs. Inculcating professional values and technical skills in the field of Accountancy, Taxation, Auditing & Finance.

Striking Features:

  1. Perfect blend of experienced, professional and young faculty, thus providing practical inputs with conceptual understanding.
  2. Inspiring students to take up professional courses and guiding them for career planning.
  3. Facilitating students to take up Practical Training.
  4. Various workshops and guest lectures are organised on current topics.
Centre for Tally Accounting (CTA):
  • The Department of Accountancy has started a “Certificate Course in Tally ERP.9” in collaboration with Tally Solution Private Limited, Bangalore in the Academic Year 2013-14. The students’ myriad success is often determined by his basic skills and by the kind of knowledge they have. What one earns depends on what one learns. Today the challenge is bridging the gap between industry requirements and the academic learning to ensure more job-ready students. This Programme is meant for students who want to pursue a career in accounting in particular.
Objective of the Course:
  • To provide the latest skill set and knowledge of computerized accounting as required for the finance and accounting sector in different industry domains.
  • To provide adequate exposure to enhance the employment potential participating students.
Need for Computerized Accounting:
  • The technological advances in computer and business software have greatly changed the accounting industry and business. Most businesses use accounting software to aid their staff in recording financial transactions and preparing financial statements for business operations. A new industry of computerized accounting careers has grown-up from this influx of accounting software, creating some great job-opportunities for commerce graduates.
Structure of the course:
  • The course will have a fixed amount of hours of teaching for the students through conventional model, utilizing technology and facilitation base pedagogy. This course will be delivered as per the syllabus mentioned in the appendices, and will also be assessed on proficiency at the end of the course.
  • 70% of the programme would be technology led.
  • Computer labs will be used to deliver the practical part of the course.
  • All students that successfully complete the course will be eligible for certification by college and tally academy.

Special Features of Course:

  1. Certification from Tally Academy
  2. Official Tally Course Material.
  3. Full Training on Licensed Version of Tally ERP.9 Gold & Remote Access through Internet.
  4. 100% Practical Orientation.
  5. Well Equipped Computer Lab.
  6. Expert Faculty.
ACCA: (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), UK:
  • Qualification: ACCA, UK is leading global body for Professional Accountants. It aims to offer business relevant first choice qualifications to the students of the college who seek a rewarding career in Accountancy, Finance and Management.
  • The College has on MOU with ACCA, where students of the college are put through a comprehensive and rigorous exams and training. Arrange of resources and support are provided to help them achieve the ACCA Qualification and reach the career destination of choice. An ACCA qualified accountant is in high demand and has a choice of working in many different financial roles and at senior levels within an organisation.

Department members:

Sr.NoNameDesignationArea of Interest
1Dr. Manohar SanapAssistant Professor, M.Phil. & Ph.D. Guide in Business Administration, Business Practices,Banking and Finance & Head of Dept. AccountancyAccountancy, Cost & Works Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Taxation, Business Practices, Finance
2Ms. Jayashree VenkateshAssistant ProfessorFinancial Accountancy, Corporate Accountancy, Management Accounting
3Dr. Girish B. GundeshaPart Time Asst. ProfessorAccountancy, Taxation, Auditing
4Ms.Eesha BabrahPart-Time Asst. ProfessorBanking & Finance, Business Management, Business Communication, E-Commerce and Financial Accounting
5Ms. Rubiyeh NajafiPart Time Asst. ProfessorAccountancy, Cost and Works Accounting, Business Practices , Banking and Finance
6Mrs. Vijalaxmi Mahesh PujarirPart Time Asst. ProfessorAccountancy,Banking and Finance